The day I went in an Aston Martin

There are lots of bad things about having cancer but also lots of good things in a strange way.  I have done the most amazing things since being diagnosed with leukaemia.  One of the most amazing things was going in a Bentley and an Aston Martin.  I really like Yann Kermorgant who used to play for AFC Bournemouth but now plays for Reading FC.  He was one of my most favourite players and then when I got diagnosed with ALL I soon found out that Yann had it when he was younger too.  My auntie and lots of other people tried to get in touch with Yann to see if he could help when I was diagnosed.  Reading FC arranged for me and my family to go to a football match to meet him and sent down a Bentley and an Aston Martin to pick us up.  I had lost a lot of weight but my face was really round because of the steroids.  It was also quite difficult to walk because of the effects of the chemotherapy.  I went onto the pitch and then ran back with the other children.  My family looked on in horror as I ran because I was so unsteady on my feet.  They were so worried I was going to fall over but I was so determined to run like the other children.  And I did!

It was just the best day ever.